Individual Membership is open to all citizens or residents of the United States, who are in good repute, have never been convicted of any crime, which precludes ownership or possession of firearms, and subscribe to the purpose and objectives of the association.

Club and Organizational Memberships are open to all organized and operating clubs, associations or other nonprofit corporations existing within the State of Tennessee, which have five or more members subscribing to the purposes and objectives of the Association with the approval of the Board of Directors.
There are six levels of membership available to individuals:

  1. Annual Junior Membership (Under 21 yrs.) $5 annually

  2. Annual Membership $15

  3. Life Membership $200

  4. Endowment Membership $300 (Life + $100)

  5. Patron Membership $400 (Endowment + $100)

  6. Benefactor Membership $500 (Patron + $100)

Club or Organization Annual Membership is $15 annually

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